Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Jensen Danger Keddington

We are thrilled to announce our new addition to our little family. Jensen Danger Keddington was born at 12:06am on Monday, August 26th 2013. 8 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches long and 100% absolute adorableness! Mom and Dad are so proud and Davis is the best big brother ever!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Little Guerilla Artist

It's no secret that I have a deep love for guerilla street art. I love traveling to different cities and seeing hidden but in plain view street art. Seeing something so unexpected puts a smile on your face as well as inspires creativity. It makes you wonder about that anonymous person who decided to share their work with the world and just leave it. Street art is everywhere in every city, you just have to look for it. Here are a few of my favorites from my travels:

Yarn bombed bike on the 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica California

Creepy dolls are hidden all over Chicago. This particular doll was in a different place on the light post everytime I walked by it. I didn't dare touch it but finally took a picture.

New York City (Soho) Not so much street art but one of those type of funny gems you need to keep your eye out for. Notice you are sent to another location? Its a game of some sort.

Imagine my happy suprise when I was scrolling through the pictures I have taken on my new iphone to have found these pictures that I did not take:

And this one:

I think I know who the culprit is.....

I hope he keeps up his guerilla photography! Im loving my suprises :) Perhaps we have the next Banksy on our hands!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Vacation 2011!

School is out and it's Christmas vacation time for Davis! We had a fantastic Christmas morning around here. Davis was spoiled by Santa, he is a great kid after all. We had a wonderful time watching Davis enjoy all of his Christmas gifts this year, a lovely day for all!

Santa knows that Davis is a musical child and had taken note. Davis woke up to a musical wonderland, a drum set, karaoke machine (thanks Grandma Zurg aka Candy ;)) and a guitar. We had a small band and jam session going on here for a good part of the morning. Dad took vocals, Mom on drums and Davis on the guitar. Surely the next big Seattle band to hit the scene, keep an eye out.

Here are some pictures to document the day.

Christmas Eve- Stockings are hung and the tree is decorated awaiting the big guy to come and bring lots of presents.

The favorite picture of the day! Davis jammin' out on guitar.

Davis LOVES his robot puzzle and books Grandma Tusie! The Rhinocerous book was a huge hit, especially when he hides in the toilet. I must have read that part of the book to Davis a hundred times by request. Not sure why he loves potty humor so much, surely he gets it from his Dad ;).

Shane's very most favorite gift growing up was a slot car race track and he has many fond memories playing with his track as a kid. Santa certainly is magical because he was able to find a slot car race track. The jury is still out if the gift was for Shane or for Davis. I have to admit, it was a ton of fun to play with so I get it. Davis loved it sooo much that he would open a gift, go for a lap or two and then open another gift. This is how the entire morning went, very cute! By the end of the day, one car was broken, apparently right on track timing wise!

Opening a gift, going for a ride then opening another gift. Fun filled morning!

Davis and I have been pretending for weeks to exchange gifts. I would get diamond earrings consistantly and Davis would get a pretend something from his long "wish list". Last year Davis got me a pink monster truck that I absolutely adore. This year I got the same monster truck but in purple which I love as well. To my suprise underneath the monster truck was a pair or diamond earrings cleverly hidden. What a great gift, I love them and refuse to take them out. Davis knows the way to a woman's heart! I also got an iphone 4S. Im not complaining! Just like years past Dad got lots and lots of clothes,undies and socks,not much to report on that front.
He did get a beautiful picture from Candy and Allen. A photograph of an Autumn scene that Allen took with his mad photography skills, Shane loves it!

The LOOT! This kid cleaned up!

After a couple of very busy, fun days it was time for a pantsless coat-on rest in bed with the ipad watching Sponge Bob. Funny kid!

I love this sweet boy!

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Davis is practicing for the X Games! Going pro!

The Christmas before Davis' 2nd birthday Santa brought him a balance bike (no pedals). Davis looked at it from time to time and hopped on it every so often but overall he didn't have any interest in learning to ride it....until now! About two months ago Davis started playing with his pal Andrew at Sedi's on her porch riding bikes around and around and around in circles. Now every night he goes to the park with Dad and Davis shows off his skills. EVERYONE at the park is impressed with how good he is at riding his bike. Between his mad biking skills and the rockets Dad sets off a couple nights a week, Davis is the coolest kid on the block. He's our kid so I guess would you expect any less? :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Drive-In

I'm not exactly sure who's idea the Drive-In was, Davis' or Dad's but either way, I can say I would have never have thought to create this set up. I was smiling from ear to ear to find my sweet but terribly ill baby at a make shift Drive-in in his room. Davis has been running a fever and not himself all week long. On Friday he woke up super grouchy, needy and complaining of his mouth hurting. The day before he had been complaining of an earache that we were treating with ear drops. Not really sure why it took me so long to take him into the Doctor (maybe the fact that everytime I do I am told that its a cold or something and to just keep an eye on his symptoms) but I decided it was time to get this little guy checked out. Turns out he has strep throat and (from the Doctors words)"Two RAGING ear infections". Boooo. Poor little guy. He is now on antibiotics and snuggling with Dad while I am working today. I'm sure Dad and Davis being as creative as they are will come up with a great way to spend their day together. Davis seems to be feeling better already. Makes me a happy Mommy to see him coming back to himself.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sick Day or Playing Hookie?

Yesterday Shane was called at work by Davis' school and told that Davis was running a temp and vomitting so he needed to be picked up right away. Davis seemed fine last night but his temp wasn't going down. His temp hasn't been terribly high, somewhere between 99 and 102. Because of his temp he was not allowed back at school today so Davis and I had to take a sick day. Off and on through out the day Davis showed signs of sickness but all in all I feel it was an elaborate scheme to get more schnuggles in with Mommy. I'm okay with that!

The only trouble is I am working on a huge project for work and was supposed to be in Canada for the day in meetings that I was conducting. In the end they all had to be canceled and will now be skype meetings over the next 2 days. Thankfully my co-workers are like family and were understanding of my need for a day off.

Davis is so funny, he was by my side the entire day, I could not have gotten in any work if I tried. We just lied in Mommy and Daddy's bed all day, playing on the ipad, telling stories about "Henry the imaginary big orange dog" followed by a nice long nap. At first I was completely worried about work and what this sick day means to my work load but after my day full of one on one time with my baby boy I realize that nothing else matters. He is the greatest kid in the world and love him to bits. I am so happy I am his Mommy and I hope he feels the same way!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Welcome the newest member of the Keddington family

After months of Davis complaining that Dad's car wasn't fast enough the boys headed out to the car dealership to see if they could find something a solution to the problem...the result a Shelby GT500.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last Saturday was so amazing. When I got my itinerary for the UK from my work I was a little bummed that most of the places I was going to were small towns that I had never heard of. I wanted more than anything to go to Wales but it wasn't in the plans. Don't get me wrong, still very excited for this top secret mission.

My day started early catching a train from London to Bristol. The train went through Bath and it was like Utah as far as churches but with cathedrals on every corner. I had to hold myself back in my seat on the train because I wanted to hop off and explore. Not on the itinerary this time. We arrived in Bristol and I had to walk to the shopping center from the train station. As I was walking I saw down an old cobblestone road a cathedral. I love cathedrals so I couldn't pass up a peak. As I got closer I realized it was more or less the remains of a cathedral that had been turned into a park. It had been destroyed in WWI, such a pity. I was the only person around so I started to snoop. I found a sign telling me the cathedrals history and right next to it was a big black wooden door. I was in an alley way at that point, completely alone. I could see that there was a garden inside the remains and wanted to figure out how to get inside. I went to push on the black door and the most chilling, frightening feeling came over me. I didn't touch the doors,the energy they were putting out was enough to make me pull my hand back and walk away quickly. it was intense. There must have been some pretty freaky stuff that has gone on in that church over the centuries to put off that sort of negative energy. It still creeps me out just thinking about it. I have never had an experience like that in my life. My body just reacted without thought and walked away. Now I get people that claim to be afraid of antiques because of their energy of people from years past. Never believed in that stuff but now I do.

Later in the day I had to catch a train to my next destination. The people who set up my itinerary sent it out late and then revised the cities I was to visit only sending me a train schedule. I hopped on the next train that was absolutely packed and headed out. I got off the train and saw a big riot of sorts going on with police men on horses everywhere. Something was different and wrong. Was I in the right place? The police looked different than I had seen in London, the streets looked older and dirtier and the people seemed different as well. I was totally missing something. Then I saw it, a familiar flag. The flag I had seen all of my life. I walked over to a police woman to ask her my obviously stupid question(Im sure she is telling everyone she knows I asked it). I wanted to make sure I didn't come right out with my dumb question so I asked her first what the riot was all about. The "England Wales football match". She told me the rivalry was intense and usually ends in fights so the police were out in full force. Now on to my dumb question. Am I still in England? She looked me dead in the eye and said, you are in Wales and don't tell people you think its England, It won't go over well. She laughed it off with me. I was so happy, grin from ear to ear! I had to do my work but had an extra 3 hours to explore. I found an old cathedral and cemetary in the middle of the shopping center. Then off to the Cardiff Castle. Just from down the street it took my breath away. As I got closer I realized you could tour it. Sadly I was to late and they were closing it down for the day. I looked past the gate and saw this:

AMAZING right? I wanted to run past the guards and storm the castle. I wish I had been able to go in and explore. I have traveled all over Europe and had never seen anything like a castle on a hill inside a castle. I will make it back there some day. I have to get past the gate and guards.

All in all a wonderful day that I will always remember. Great start to my 2 week trip!